Monday, August 12, 2013

Request for a 2nd bridal fitting

I've promised to blog more about my bridal experience with Destino bridal after my previous blog...but it takes me a long while before I can have some time to sit down and pen down my experience.. Before I continue, I would like to re-iterate that my blog review is solely base on my own experience and how I personally felt.. It's un-bias, it's non advertorial and I am not paid to write about them as well...

My point is simple, to share my marriage preparation journey to my readers and to recommend good vendors to bride to be whom is clueless, just like how when I first preparing for my own wedding..

So here I go:

After my 1st Bridal fitting @ Destino Bridal Gallery JB, I am very worried and felt uneasy... Somehow or rather I blame myself for making a reckless decision to choose them even when there are so many negative reviews about them.

This makes me think a lot.... Did I make the right decision to choose this bridal shop among thousands that I can choose from in Singapore & Johor Bahru. I am quite concerned will I look good in those gowns that I have selected as some of the selected gowns is very NOT my type (a more polite way of saying not nice and not appealing to my personal preferences) and seriously I am freaking out again.

Out of a sudden, I remember a fellow SGbrides forum friend, Doreen whom I have recommended to use Destino. I facebook chat with her and she seems to having the same experience with me; not very satisfied with the wedding gowns during the actual fitting.

After discussion with Doreen, I've decided to to call Joelle from Destino Bridal, as I personally felt I'm responsible for referring Doreen to Destino and even highly recommended them on SGbride and Perfectweddings forum.

Similarly I also think it's unfair to Joelle and Destino as well when we are unhappy and we did not inform them. Of course I would like to know how will she be able to help us, as we are sincerely a customer and bride to be whom just want to look our best and wanted to get the utmost for what we have paid. We are not set out to tarnished their good names or brand...

I've never regretted the call made to Joelle, she seems to be very receptive of my feedback, did respond to me rather professionally and did rectify by arranging me to go down for another trial.

What I am impressed is, she care to make a call to Doreen to check about her experience (the same day that I call and feedback to Joelle), as I did feedback to her Doreen's experience as well. (Of course, Doreen did gives me the permission to share about this, in fact she told me to inform Joelle her experience)

On the same day, I called Joelle again after Doreen informed me that Joelle did call her. I thanked her for following up on my feedback and deep down I am more relax now as at least the bridal shop which I engaged is not as "irresponsible" as other bridal shops that I have read... *sigh of relief*

Nevertheless, I hope my act of feedback to them didn't backfire and resulted a below mediocre after payment service from them...

We will wait and see again, how will my 2nd fitting turn out to be...

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