Saturday, October 5, 2013

Update on Michylicious - that's ME!

How have I been? 

I wanted to know it myself too. Work has been taxing, friends whined that I am NOT there for them and they felt not important..

Well, well ~ I have been busy myself, literally VERY BUSY as I am juggling between long hours of working, running the rat race trying to hit sales target every month and planning for the very important day of my life!
Me & Mr Gil has decided on forever and we are working very hard respectively for our FOREVER.

These few weeks since August I have been working back to back and with my one and only day off a week running the wedding preparation errands on my day off and OR serving at church as assistance teacher in the children ministy (Yes, you read right, I worked 6days a week nowadays due to short of manpower at work and that sucks)

Some ask, why serve in Church when I'm so busy preparing for many wedding! I love serving and I loved to be in the house of the Lord! Those times during serving, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated! Period :)

Well, I'm feeling excited, I am going to do reselect photo at Destino Bridal this coming Monday and I'm super excited! Hope the photos turn out to be beautiful .... and I'm praying that wisdom be upon me and Mr Gil during the photo selection as I do not wish to add any additional money in buying the excess photos...

As I blog, I realised it's almost 2am?!?!?!? I wished to update more but I really nees to zzzzZZZzzzZZZ as I am working again in 8hours time, which mean I left with only about 6 hours of less sleep.

Night all and I shall be back soon to update more...

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