Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Samantha & Albert Tie the Knot!

28th September 2013

Today is an important date for Samantha & Albert! They have decided to "announce" their marital status today to their close friends! (Oh well, our dear Samantha thought that, none know abt her not so secret marriage[ROM] on 19th Sept 2013)

She whatsapp us the invitation and label it as her Birthday dinner... Oh yes, today is her birthday too but yet there is a hidden agenda beneath our dinner gathering tonight... the official announcement that she is a Mrs. already...

The post ROM mini reception is only meant for close friends in an intimate settings of 11 adults & 1 child, including the couple.

Samantha being thoughtful, even prepares wedding flavors for each couple.. of course our dear Lillian being single currently also receive the wedding favor! (May Lillian find her true love soon!)

Samantha & her hubby, Albert

Our venue: The famous Tung Lok Seafood @ Orchard Central. Our dinner is more than a 9 course meals, it's a ala-carte buffet, where you can eat all your heart out! Awesome right?!?!

Here are some of the that I manage to capture before we devour them... (there are some that I didn't manage to capture (such as fish, crabs, spare ribs, pork floss eggplant and etc) cos I was busy eating already! 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Update on Michylicious - that's ME!

How have I been? 

I wanted to know it myself too. Work has been taxing, friends whined that I am NOT there for them and they felt not important..

Well, well ~ I have been busy myself, literally VERY BUSY as I am juggling between long hours of working, running the rat race trying to hit sales target every month and planning for the very important day of my life!
Me & Mr Gil has decided on forever and we are working very hard respectively for our FOREVER.

These few weeks since August I have been working back to back and with my one and only day off a week running the wedding preparation errands on my day off and OR serving at church as assistance teacher in the children ministy (Yes, you read right, I worked 6days a week nowadays due to short of manpower at work and that sucks)

Some ask, why serve in Church when I'm so busy preparing for many wedding! I love serving and I loved to be in the house of the Lord! Those times during serving, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated! Period :)

Well, I'm feeling excited, I am going to do reselect photo at Destino Bridal this coming Monday and I'm super excited! Hope the photos turn out to be beautiful .... and I'm praying that wisdom be upon me and Mr Gil during the photo selection as I do not wish to add any additional money in buying the excess photos...

As I blog, I realised it's almost 2am?!?!?!? I wished to update more but I really nees to zzzzZZZzzzZZZ as I am working again in 8hours time, which mean I left with only about 6 hours of less sleep.

Night all and I shall be back soon to update more...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Request for a 2nd bridal fitting

I've promised to blog more about my bridal experience with Destino bridal after my previous blog...but it takes me a long while before I can have some time to sit down and pen down my experience.. Before I continue, I would like to re-iterate that my blog review is solely base on my own experience and how I personally felt.. It's un-bias, it's non advertorial and I am not paid to write about them as well...

My point is simple, to share my marriage preparation journey to my readers and to recommend good vendors to bride to be whom is clueless, just like how when I first preparing for my own wedding..

So here I go:

After my 1st Bridal fitting @ Destino Bridal Gallery JB, I am very worried and felt uneasy... Somehow or rather I blame myself for making a reckless decision to choose them even when there are so many negative reviews about them.

This makes me think a lot.... Did I make the right decision to choose this bridal shop among thousands that I can choose from in Singapore & Johor Bahru. I am quite concerned will I look good in those gowns that I have selected as some of the selected gowns is very NOT my type (a more polite way of saying not nice and not appealing to my personal preferences) and seriously I am freaking out again.

Out of a sudden, I remember a fellow SGbrides forum friend, Doreen whom I have recommended to use Destino. I facebook chat with her and she seems to having the same experience with me; not very satisfied with the wedding gowns during the actual fitting.

After discussion with Doreen, I've decided to to call Joelle from Destino Bridal, as I personally felt I'm responsible for referring Doreen to Destino and even highly recommended them on SGbride and Perfectweddings forum.

Similarly I also think it's unfair to Joelle and Destino as well when we are unhappy and we did not inform them. Of course I would like to know how will she be able to help us, as we are sincerely a customer and bride to be whom just want to look our best and wanted to get the utmost for what we have paid. We are not set out to tarnished their good names or brand...

I've never regretted the call made to Joelle, she seems to be very receptive of my feedback, did respond to me rather professionally and did rectify by arranging me to go down for another trial.

What I am impressed is, she care to make a call to Doreen to check about her experience (the same day that I call and feedback to Joelle), as I did feedback to her Doreen's experience as well. (Of course, Doreen did gives me the permission to share about this, in fact she told me to inform Joelle her experience)

On the same day, I called Joelle again after Doreen informed me that Joelle did call her. I thanked her for following up on my feedback and deep down I am more relax now as at least the bridal shop which I engaged is not as "irresponsible" as other bridal shops that I have read... *sigh of relief*

Nevertheless, I hope my act of feedback to them didn't backfire and resulted a below mediocre after payment service from them...

We will wait and see again, how will my 2nd fitting turn out to be...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bridal Fitting @ Destino Bridal Gallery

10th August 2013

Warning : Long winded naggy post

Today is our bridal schedule fitting at Destino bridal JB! I woke up at almost 11am only! Blame the late night the day before and the tiring door re-painting DIY for our house!

Call Mr Gil to wake up and waited for him to get dress! That guy need 1 hour to get ready (not that he groom himself well, its just his nature, slow!!)

We leave his house at 1215pm! Can you believe it?? Our fitting is set at 3pm at JB and 1215, we are still in Central of Singapore. I do have another agenda to do before the fitting ; exchange shoes at Padini and to have lunch.

I was mad, rush- mad and I nag at him non stop! ( I need to change this naggy habit of mine but Mr Gil slowness is driving me nuts)

Braved the long queue for bus 950, brave the human traffic at both Singapore and JB Checkpoint, we reached City Square JB at 155pm! Phew!!

As my cousin Nette is fetching me from City Square, I have some time to spare to exchange my shoes. Last week, I bought a pair of shoes from Padini and it doesn't seem to fit, so I went to exchange for a size bigger!

Me being a shopaholic for this upcoming wedding, saw another pair of shoes, Glitter Silver Platform... I was like WOW! Tried, Mr Gil says NICE! (He thought I chose this to replace the other one which I intend to exchange, haha)

When he says NICE which he seldom does, I need to buy this shoes!! and tada exchange done and I got  myself another pair of shoes! I bought 3 shoes in 2 weeks time!!

When I'm done, called Nette and she says she need to drop some stuff home then can come and fetch me so I waited for her... While wait, I was like.. Oh noes, I'm gonna be late for fitting. The girl from the bridal whom is in charge of my appointment even call to remind me not to be late... DUH!

Nette  reached JB City Square to fetch me about 225pm - 230pm, and we still need to have lunch together.. Jason (Nette's hubby) misses us much and have requested to have lunch together otherwise I would have grab a light bite at City Square.

Decided to eat at Jalan Serampang, opposite the bridal shop! We decided to have a quick lunch at Lavender Cafe & Bistro.

Foodwise is really so- so, slightly below mediocre and environment was like - acceptable only! Nothing much to choose on menu, guess I am too distracted by myself being late I don't have much appetite, hence nothing looks appetising.

So, I reached Destino at about 315pm, Joelle (the bridal executive), was no where at sight. Informed the receptionist I am here for fitting, was told to sit down and wait as the room for fitting is still occupied. Told me not to be late and yet the room is not ready?!?!?!

I was ushered to the fitting room at about 345pm only, if I were to reached before 3pm, I need to wait for 45mins!  I am not happy for the wait, actually but mantain my cool as I thought I need to be considerate.

Ushered into the room, another bridal assistance named Wan Yee came and assist me with the fiitng. She take my measurement and then tell me she will need to go and find gowns for me? I was like??? Now only you gonna go and find gowns for me? I thought you should have prepared some since I have informed you guys during my initial visit during paying deposit that what kinda gown I preferred and was assured that Joelle will take note and will tried her best to find beautiful and nice gown for me.

From a cool temperament, I turn warm now.... another incident or unhappiness, I surely surely not gonna be Ms Nice or Ms Polite anymore! Haha... When she bring in the gowns, I look at them, none of them are those that I tried, I still keep my cool thinking these maybe nicer but to my dismay, the gowns doesn't suite me and I find them old and awful! RM5399 and this is what I get!!

To add to my unhappiness, Wan Yee says, no photo taking allowed, although none of us taking photo at that point and deep inside me I wanted to take photo so that I can remember what I tried and I can choose what I want.. I voiced out my unhappiness for the first time, but in a calm and firm manner. I told Wan Yee, I paid so much and the point is I have paid, why can't I take photo and there's nothing I can do with the photo other than view and show my friend and ask for opinion?? She replied nicely says is the company policy and bla and if the company find out that if a customer take photo, her boss will deduct hers and Joelle salary. This point, I replied in a firmer way & obviously not happy after trying to nego with her. I told her not to lie and its obviously rubbish if her boss will deduct her salary in the event I took photo... I am in sales line and I know what kinda reason & tactics that sales/ customer servive used to  reject client request... I told her, you can ask your boss here and I can talk to her...

 As I felt cheated and at my ultimatum already, I told Wan Yee, if I want to stop and cancel everything now, can I get back my money, she muttered something like " no la bla bla", I snap and tell her I am serious, what now.

She quickly brush it off and distract me to try another gown... (Trying my best to be nice, I continue to try as I am not there to argue but to prepare for my wedding)

After a round of trying about 8 gowns, I shorlisted none! I told her I don't like the gown and these are not what shown to me during my initial stage before paying deposit. She then asked me if I have inform Joelle what I want, I snapped again says YES and I even whatsapp her... and yet none of these is what I want...

She excused herself and went out to find me more gowns and get Joelle in .. I guess my face is super long by now - fuming black andcertainly not a  friendly face. I can't get myself even to smile... I didn't talk much to Joelle and just told her to bring gowns that I like just as before when she showed me before me paying deposit..

Next, I got what I want... Wan Yee come in with more gowns which 1 or 2 of them is what I have viewed before... Slowly, I felt better (still not satisfied but better)...

Sneak preview of a gown that I didn't choose, haha!

Evening Gown - Pink

p/s Will continue to blog again soon..  time to bed after a super long day!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bridal Make-up trial @ Irene's MUA

Time flies and it's almost end of August already... I'm freaking out as I have not successfully loose weight for the big day!

With the packed work schedule, I almost forgot that I've make up trial today until my MUA Irene whatsapp me yesterday... and gosh I am working till 5 and yet I've fixed an appointment with her at 11am! Informed Irene that I may need to postpone my appointment to later in the evening says 5pm, thanked God she have slot for me! Woohoo!! God is awesome, if I miss this trial, not sure when can I do the trial again...

Reached Irene's place right after work at about 530pm ( I was lost in the midst of searching thru the HDB blocks) and have to call Irene's to the rescue. She was a kind lady, walking down to fetch me from the HDB carpark... (and she even drove me back after the trial make up)

Let me start in describing Irene's first. She was a polite and kind person, and I don't feel awkward talking to her.. From the conversation, knew that Irene has more than 20 years of experience in this line and she also did make up for celebrity previously..

She started with chatting with me about my preferences, what do I like, do I have any photos hairstyle to show her. Showing  her some of my pictures and she started to put make up on my face...

She apply foundation on my face... and I manage to take a snapshot of it..

Frankly, I didn't like her foundation as it smell kinda weird but I maybe all of them smell like that, I don't know.. Haha

I see the different after the make up but I am NOT impressed at what I saw...It doesn't give me the "WOW" feeling and I am hoping for more...

Here's the close up of the make up:

  • I wasn't ugly but I don't think it looks very nice either...
  • Hmmph.. maybe I'm too picky
Here's the hairstyle that she does for me..  (Irene recommends this for ROM)
With flower veil
With Cutie Tiara feather
  • I find that this hairstyle is a bit too old fashion and outdated to my liking
  • I look weird with these hairstyle...
Here's the hairstyle which I requested for the morning gate-crash
Side view
Back View
  • I love this hairdo - nicely pleated and bun up neatly
  • I think Irene did a nice work here...
Here's when she added a veil - to let me have a feel and a look on how will it looks like on the AD morning
With the veil on

  • My front view is not as nice as the back, LOL!
  • Just think that there's something amiss from this make up
I requested another hairstyle before we end the trial session - a waterfall pleat

A very lousily done pleat
It's a far far different from what I want

  • I was disappointed with this pleat as this is not what I wanted
  • Irene says she will it properly for me during my AD

Well, I have not confirmed Irene as my MUA but for her friendliness and easy going personality, I will give her an 8/10 but for her make up skills and style, I don't think she suits me, so it's a 5/10.

Let me know if you like Irene's work, I am more than delighted to give you her contact.. She is definitely a nice person and no doubt a very experience MUA, just that her style does not really fits me..

Thursday, August 8, 2013

High Tea @ Mariott Hotel

Mr Gil's sister, Wendy wanted to treat Mr Gil to Hi-Tea for his birthday! Blessed guy, 2 buffets treat for his birthday this year...

Wendy decides the venue and inform us, she chose Mariott Cafe @ Mariott Hotel for Hi-Tea.

Wendy with the 2 beloveds children & her mommy (also Gilbert mommy) reach first, they were there even before 3pm, and was allowed entry already.

Me & Gil reached at 3pm, but didn't know Wendy has reached so we waited at the door... We called Wendy mobile phone many times but cannot reach, was diverted to her mailbox

At the moment, I was like.. Is she stuck in the train? Is there any train faulty? Maybe she is shopping.. Noes, she told us not to be late... I started to worry a little... Hehe, the brilliant me then called Auntie (Gil's & Wen's Mom).... Ooh, they are actually in the cafe already..

We then went in and enjoy our Hi-tea!

Foodwise, I would say not bad. They have fresh oyster even for Hi-Tea! Mr Gil love them lots!! To me, their osyter is kinda tiny and wasn't the freshest but hey, it's Hi Tea, so it's OK!
Some of the yummy spread! 

US! Celebrating with Mr Gil!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Bling is ready!

So blessed! My Trilogy Wedding Band is ready but Mr Gil have not decided on what he want..

My blessed Trilogy Wedding ring

Well, we start sourcing our wedding band as early as May and only decided on mine on 19th July 2013!

I've decided on a Trilogy as my wedding band as it has 3 diamonds instead of 1! Hahaha, noes.... I choose a Trilogy as it has a beautiful meaning - it represents our Past, Present & Future!! 

Personally for me, the 3 diamonds represents Gilbert, Jesus in the centre & Me! With Jesus in the centre of our marriage, we can't help but being blessed!  When we put Jesus in the centre, He holds everything together! Amen!! 

John 1: 16 And of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace!