Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bridal Make-up trial @ Irene's MUA

Time flies and it's almost end of August already... I'm freaking out as I have not successfully loose weight for the big day!

With the packed work schedule, I almost forgot that I've make up trial today until my MUA Irene whatsapp me yesterday... and gosh I am working till 5 and yet I've fixed an appointment with her at 11am! Informed Irene that I may need to postpone my appointment to later in the evening says 5pm, thanked God she have slot for me! Woohoo!! God is awesome, if I miss this trial, not sure when can I do the trial again...

Reached Irene's place right after work at about 530pm ( I was lost in the midst of searching thru the HDB blocks) and have to call Irene's to the rescue. She was a kind lady, walking down to fetch me from the HDB carpark... (and she even drove me back after the trial make up)

Let me start in describing Irene's first. She was a polite and kind person, and I don't feel awkward talking to her.. From the conversation, knew that Irene has more than 20 years of experience in this line and she also did make up for celebrity previously..

She started with chatting with me about my preferences, what do I like, do I have any photos hairstyle to show her. Showing  her some of my pictures and she started to put make up on my face...

She apply foundation on my face... and I manage to take a snapshot of it..

Frankly, I didn't like her foundation as it smell kinda weird but I maybe all of them smell like that, I don't know.. Haha

I see the different after the make up but I am NOT impressed at what I saw...It doesn't give me the "WOW" feeling and I am hoping for more...

Here's the close up of the make up:

  • I wasn't ugly but I don't think it looks very nice either...
  • Hmmph.. maybe I'm too picky
Here's the hairstyle that she does for me..  (Irene recommends this for ROM)
With flower veil
With Cutie Tiara feather
  • I find that this hairstyle is a bit too old fashion and outdated to my liking
  • I look weird with these hairstyle...
Here's the hairstyle which I requested for the morning gate-crash
Side view
Back View
  • I love this hairdo - nicely pleated and bun up neatly
  • I think Irene did a nice work here...
Here's when she added a veil - to let me have a feel and a look on how will it looks like on the AD morning
With the veil on

  • My front view is not as nice as the back, LOL!
  • Just think that there's something amiss from this make up
I requested another hairstyle before we end the trial session - a waterfall pleat

A very lousily done pleat
It's a far far different from what I want

  • I was disappointed with this pleat as this is not what I wanted
  • Irene says she will it properly for me during my AD

Well, I have not confirmed Irene as my MUA but for her friendliness and easy going personality, I will give her an 8/10 but for her make up skills and style, I don't think she suits me, so it's a 5/10.

Let me know if you like Irene's work, I am more than delighted to give you her contact.. She is definitely a nice person and no doubt a very experience MUA, just that her style does not really fits me..

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