Thursday, August 8, 2013

High Tea @ Mariott Hotel

Mr Gil's sister, Wendy wanted to treat Mr Gil to Hi-Tea for his birthday! Blessed guy, 2 buffets treat for his birthday this year...

Wendy decides the venue and inform us, she chose Mariott Cafe @ Mariott Hotel for Hi-Tea.

Wendy with the 2 beloveds children & her mommy (also Gilbert mommy) reach first, they were there even before 3pm, and was allowed entry already.

Me & Gil reached at 3pm, but didn't know Wendy has reached so we waited at the door... We called Wendy mobile phone many times but cannot reach, was diverted to her mailbox

At the moment, I was like.. Is she stuck in the train? Is there any train faulty? Maybe she is shopping.. Noes, she told us not to be late... I started to worry a little... Hehe, the brilliant me then called Auntie (Gil's & Wen's Mom).... Ooh, they are actually in the cafe already..

We then went in and enjoy our Hi-tea!

Foodwise, I would say not bad. They have fresh oyster even for Hi-Tea! Mr Gil love them lots!! To me, their osyter is kinda tiny and wasn't the freshest but hey, it's Hi Tea, so it's OK!
Some of the yummy spread! 

US! Celebrating with Mr Gil!

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