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Bridal Fitting @ Destino Bridal Gallery

10th August 2013

Warning : Long winded naggy post

Today is our bridal schedule fitting at Destino bridal JB! I woke up at almost 11am only! Blame the late night the day before and the tiring door re-painting DIY for our house!

Call Mr Gil to wake up and waited for him to get dress! That guy need 1 hour to get ready (not that he groom himself well, its just his nature, slow!!)

We leave his house at 1215pm! Can you believe it?? Our fitting is set at 3pm at JB and 1215, we are still in Central of Singapore. I do have another agenda to do before the fitting ; exchange shoes at Padini and to have lunch.

I was mad, rush- mad and I nag at him non stop! ( I need to change this naggy habit of mine but Mr Gil slowness is driving me nuts)

Braved the long queue for bus 950, brave the human traffic at both Singapore and JB Checkpoint, we reached City Square JB at 155pm! Phew!!

As my cousin Nette is fetching me from City Square, I have some time to spare to exchange my shoes. Last week, I bought a pair of shoes from Padini and it doesn't seem to fit, so I went to exchange for a size bigger!

Me being a shopaholic for this upcoming wedding, saw another pair of shoes, Glitter Silver Platform... I was like WOW! Tried, Mr Gil says NICE! (He thought I chose this to replace the other one which I intend to exchange, haha)

When he says NICE which he seldom does, I need to buy this shoes!! and tada exchange done and I got  myself another pair of shoes! I bought 3 shoes in 2 weeks time!!

When I'm done, called Nette and she says she need to drop some stuff home then can come and fetch me so I waited for her... While wait, I was like.. Oh noes, I'm gonna be late for fitting. The girl from the bridal whom is in charge of my appointment even call to remind me not to be late... DUH!

Nette  reached JB City Square to fetch me about 225pm - 230pm, and we still need to have lunch together.. Jason (Nette's hubby) misses us much and have requested to have lunch together otherwise I would have grab a light bite at City Square.

Decided to eat at Jalan Serampang, opposite the bridal shop! We decided to have a quick lunch at Lavender Cafe & Bistro.

Foodwise is really so- so, slightly below mediocre and environment was like - acceptable only! Nothing much to choose on menu, guess I am too distracted by myself being late I don't have much appetite, hence nothing looks appetising.

So, I reached Destino at about 315pm, Joelle (the bridal executive), was no where at sight. Informed the receptionist I am here for fitting, was told to sit down and wait as the room for fitting is still occupied. Told me not to be late and yet the room is not ready?!?!?!

I was ushered to the fitting room at about 345pm only, if I were to reached before 3pm, I need to wait for 45mins!  I am not happy for the wait, actually but mantain my cool as I thought I need to be considerate.

Ushered into the room, another bridal assistance named Wan Yee came and assist me with the fiitng. She take my measurement and then tell me she will need to go and find gowns for me? I was like??? Now only you gonna go and find gowns for me? I thought you should have prepared some since I have informed you guys during my initial visit during paying deposit that what kinda gown I preferred and was assured that Joelle will take note and will tried her best to find beautiful and nice gown for me.

From a cool temperament, I turn warm now.... another incident or unhappiness, I surely surely not gonna be Ms Nice or Ms Polite anymore! Haha... When she bring in the gowns, I look at them, none of them are those that I tried, I still keep my cool thinking these maybe nicer but to my dismay, the gowns doesn't suite me and I find them old and awful! RM5399 and this is what I get!!

To add to my unhappiness, Wan Yee says, no photo taking allowed, although none of us taking photo at that point and deep inside me I wanted to take photo so that I can remember what I tried and I can choose what I want.. I voiced out my unhappiness for the first time, but in a calm and firm manner. I told Wan Yee, I paid so much and the point is I have paid, why can't I take photo and there's nothing I can do with the photo other than view and show my friend and ask for opinion?? She replied nicely says is the company policy and bla and if the company find out that if a customer take photo, her boss will deduct hers and Joelle salary. This point, I replied in a firmer way & obviously not happy after trying to nego with her. I told her not to lie and its obviously rubbish if her boss will deduct her salary in the event I took photo... I am in sales line and I know what kinda reason & tactics that sales/ customer servive used to  reject client request... I told her, you can ask your boss here and I can talk to her...

 As I felt cheated and at my ultimatum already, I told Wan Yee, if I want to stop and cancel everything now, can I get back my money, she muttered something like " no la bla bla", I snap and tell her I am serious, what now.

She quickly brush it off and distract me to try another gown... (Trying my best to be nice, I continue to try as I am not there to argue but to prepare for my wedding)

After a round of trying about 8 gowns, I shorlisted none! I told her I don't like the gown and these are not what shown to me during my initial stage before paying deposit. She then asked me if I have inform Joelle what I want, I snapped again says YES and I even whatsapp her... and yet none of these is what I want...

She excused herself and went out to find me more gowns and get Joelle in .. I guess my face is super long by now - fuming black andcertainly not a  friendly face. I can't get myself even to smile... I didn't talk much to Joelle and just told her to bring gowns that I like just as before when she showed me before me paying deposit..

Next, I got what I want... Wan Yee come in with more gowns which 1 or 2 of them is what I have viewed before... Slowly, I felt better (still not satisfied but better)...

Sneak preview of a gown that I didn't choose, haha!

Evening Gown - Pink

p/s Will continue to blog again soon..  time to bed after a super long day!

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