Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm back, alive and blessed!

Dear all beloved readers (if there is any reader),  I'm back!

I actually misses my blog! after abandoning my blog for an almost full 3 years! My blog is left unattended since Oct 2010.

So, why am I here again today after 3 years?

The stories begin like this: I was surfing blogs after blogs about others preparing their wedding, what is essentials, which are the recommended service provider and etc.. (and yes, I am getting married end of this year 2013) As I read others blogs (which I benefited a lot from), the desire to blog arises deep down from my heart.

So here I am, blogging! (It takes me a while as I was searching for my own blog which I have abandoned!

Before I continue blogging, I just want to Praise Jesus! Looking back on my post 3 years ago, I was such pesismistic, I complained a lot and bla bla... From what I read, I seem to not liking my life but not anymore, I'm much blessed and started to enjoy life.. In the midst of challenges I learnt to praise the Lord instead!

Life is good now, because I am His beloved!!

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