Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Betrayal & Lies.. yet people claimed that they love and care for you

Have you ever cried for straight 12hrs and still continue crying?

I didn't know that it hurt so much when you felt being betrayed and by not one but a couple of peoples who close at heart. I can't help but feel worthless, unworthy, feel like a fool..

I wonder why people who I trust the most, whom I loved is willing to choose to lie to me just because he wanted to watch movie without me and claimed to be working.. On top of that, gang up with my peoples whom I regards as best friends to watch movie without me and agreed to hide this from me forever. Reason : Do not want to upset me? How awesome is my bf of 10yrs and my "best friends" friends..

Have you ever caught your partner tell lies to you? I was always boastfuly saying, NO my bf won't lie to me, he is not good at lying.. I am so WRONG!

When I call him that time, he says I'm at work, I was asking how come so noisy, you are outside and he insist he is at work place! On top of that he even tell lies after lies just to cover his LIES! I was like I called your workplace just now looking for "XYZ" but no one answer call, I call like 5-6times thats why I call your HP.. He insisted he is at his workplace..

Then the 2nd lie, he ask me if I drop by at his workplace after I said NO, thinking to give him time to do his stuff at work, end up, He is asking as he worried I went there as he is not at his workplace but at Cathay Cineleisure watching movie preview at 7plus...

When I asked him do I need to get him his dinner, he said NO, I need to work late.. but guess what? While I stupidly wait for him, he went to movie preview and even went to Newton to have seafood dinner! While I naively wait for him for dinner and thinking that my bf is really working hard.. The stupidest thing, I even bought ingredients to prepare dessert when he is here, we can like have it together..

This is my bf of 10yrs that I trusted whole heartedly and confidently.. Even my dad says, this man is trustworthy! But, look at what he has done?

God, I do not want to live in such a miserable way, can you lead me out of these people, all of them! I mean ALL!

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