Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Samantha & Albert Tie the Knot!

28th September 2013

Today is an important date for Samantha & Albert! They have decided to "announce" their marital status today to their close friends! (Oh well, our dear Samantha thought that, none know abt her not so secret marriage[ROM] on 19th Sept 2013)

She whatsapp us the invitation and label it as her Birthday dinner... Oh yes, today is her birthday too but yet there is a hidden agenda beneath our dinner gathering tonight... the official announcement that she is a Mrs. already...

The post ROM mini reception is only meant for close friends in an intimate settings of 11 adults & 1 child, including the couple.

Samantha being thoughtful, even prepares wedding flavors for each couple.. of course our dear Lillian being single currently also receive the wedding favor! (May Lillian find her true love soon!)

Samantha & her hubby, Albert

Our venue: The famous Tung Lok Seafood @ Orchard Central. Our dinner is more than a 9 course meals, it's a ala-carte buffet, where you can eat all your heart out! Awesome right?!?!

Here are some of the that I manage to capture before we devour them... (there are some that I didn't manage to capture (such as fish, crabs, spare ribs, pork floss eggplant and etc) cos I was busy eating already! 

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