Saturday, August 28, 2010

I need a home of my own...

28.08.2010 ~ Recently I have been feeling restless and exhausted.. I have been wondering why but not able to figure out... maybe life have been busier for me and sub-consciously I need a break?

A lot of friends have been asking me out recently, and I have been such a turn off and said NO.. Friends have been acommodating, changing meet up date or venue to fit my schedule but I am still a turn off. I understand I have might hurt some friends in the process but I really feel like staying home and rest.. To all my dearest friends that I may have hurt during this period, my sincere apologies..

Now Staying home? Did I have a home in Singapore, LOL! The answer is NO, I don't have a place of my own which I can called home... I do have a place to stay but I wasn't a home, its more like a rented place with lotsa restrictions...

Dear God, do you know what I am going through? I really need a place of my own where I can do things that I like and live life the way I like. I am really tired of nagging and restrictions... I hate the feeling of being looked down, being nagged and complained. Will I be able to afford a place of my own soon?

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