Friday, August 6, 2010

A sudden desire to blog again

Just had a HUGE Ala-Carte Steamboat buffet dinner at Crystal Jade Restaurant, courtesy of a supplier. I am very full and even feel a bit guilty of having such a huge dinner.

It has been so long since I last blog and suddenly the desire to blog seem to be so strong so I finally here, blogging.

I ever read a friend's Facebook status that her readers had drop and not much people is reading her blog. I am wondering, is there anybody reading my blog? Well, if you are reading it right now, do drop me a note to inform me that you read my blog. Suddenly I feel blogging is such an interesting to do, LOL.

I will start with my visit to a dear friend at Thomson Medical yesterday as she is expecting her 2nd child. Pregnancy is suppose to be a great news and everyone should be very happy for her, but her this pregnancy is making my dear friend suffering from nausea and she vomits whatever stuff that she ate and drink.. It break hearts to see her in this state, and we are not even able to help. Am praying so that God can lift up all those unpleasant symptoms from her and prayed that she will have a pleasant process and smooth delivery. When there seem to be no where, GOD WILL MAKE A WAY! Amen!

LP, really hope that you will not be discourage and be strong, my friend! Thank you A&W for driving me home.

So, thats my yesterday...

Today, as usual I am at work, pretty busy but less busy than the previous week. I must say, I thanked God for His favour and grace in the office. God, if you are reading this, I want to say, YOU ARE SO GREAT!

Nothing much happen that worth mentioning today actually as most of my time are spend in the office and basically I am just working and working.

Hmmm..., although I have such a strong desire to blog, at this point, I seem to have nothing much to blog about... Oh my life is kinda plain, isn't it? Oh well!..

I am going off to spend some time in Facebook and probably head to bed as its 0036hrs in the morning already.

Good bye peeps, if there is anyone reading..

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